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What is required to become a Lacrosse Official?

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, candidates must successfully pass the end of course exam as well as the NYS Certification Test (given annually). 

Are there any additional costs involved?

Yes, In addition to the course fee, the below list is a requirement in order to become a Suffolk County Lacrosse Official. 

 - be a current member of US Lacrosse - Click Here to Enroll

 - SCLOA Membership Dues - Once you finish the class

 - NY State Required Finger Printing - Information will be given out on first day of class.

 - Uniform Supplies - Click here for our suggested links to referee gear

Is there a physical exam?

No, However, Along with class room work there will be a field exercise scheduled later in the spring once practices for JV and Varsity Begin. Please be aware of the physical activity required to officiate lacrosse. This includes jogging and sprinting for the duration of a game.

Will I be able to work youth level games and tournaments?

Yes, all successful candidates are certified to officiate youth level and tournament games. While certified officials are eligible, there is no guaranty to an official that you will be assigned these games. Officials are assigned by the league/tournament directors and not The SCLOA.

How many games will i officiate?

Public school games are assigned by the SCLOA. All new candidates will be certified to work middle school level games. The number of games you officiate will depend on your availability. Most games are played Monday-Friday, starting between 3:30pm and 4:30pm. 

How much will i be paid?

Public school games are paid based on the level of the game (i.e., Junior High, JV, Varsity). 

Will I be left alone as a first time official?

The SCLOA will assign all new officials with a veteran official who will assist you during your first year. We do take your level into consideration while assigning games. Team work makes the dream Work!

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