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Dear Fellow SCLOA Members,


Our spring lacrosse season is rapidly approaching, I and the rest of the board

hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with your families.

I am both excited and proud to be the president of the SCLOA! I am grateful for your

support and look forward to working with you over the next number of years. I would

like to thank Mike Messana and the previous board for all their hard work and

commitment to the SCLOA. Our current board is eager to build on what has been

accomplished. As a board we have met five times to prepare for our upcoming 2020

season. I would like to recognize and thank our board for their hard work and time; Vice

President Gavin Chamberlain, 2nd Vice President Emmett Carey, Secretary John

Perugini, Recording Secretary Bill Lalor, Treasurer Jim Vignona, Member at Large Ed

Hoctor and Interpreter Mike Delia.

Long Island always has been and still is the premier location for boy’s lacrosse, some of

the greatest players in our sport played high school lacrosse in Suffolk County. Every

member of the SCLOA should be proud that they are a part of and a contributing factor

to lacrosse in Suffolk County. Your dedication and hard work is a testament to who you

are and the forty-six school programs are fortunate to have you as officials.



Marty Quinn

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