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The purpose of this association shall be the promotion of the welfare of the game of Lacrosse by:


Section 1

The study and improvement of the techniques of officiating and promotion of the uniform interpretation and administration of the official rules by all New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA), officials within the Suffolk County Lacrosse Officials Association (SCLOA).


Section 2

Providing for annual registration, testing and maintenance of a uniform standard of qualifications for officials.


Section 3

To provide The New York State Lacrosse Officials Association (NYSLOA), and Section XI of the NYSPHSAA with an annual list of approved officials.


Section 4

Fostering high standards of ethics and integrity, encouraging fair play, sportsmanship, closer cooperation, and a better understanding among officials, athletic directors, coaches, and players.


This organization shall exercise exclusive jurisdiction in qualifying individuals to officiate in Suffolk County, New York, in accordance with the constitution and by-laws set forth by this association and that of the NYSLOA.

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